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An ultra limited edition piece within the Maeli Studios x PasirPanjangBoy collection, this table cloth is inspired by classically colourful Peranakan pottery which are then accented by the traditional blue hues found in Hong Kong porcelain pieces.

The Porcelain Garden Tablecloth is a flamboyant crossing of cultures. It's true that birds of a feather do indeed flock together, as two colourful brands made up of colourful people, this print embraces floral abundance, luxurious pigments and the bright plumage of the ever alluring peacock. Like a living, breathing landscape it brings a bountiful energy to the home. A great centerpiece for any gathering of friends and family, a fabric of life to awaken the senses.

Made with cotton, machine washable.

Measurement: 145 x 240 cm

Approx: 154 USD / 211 SGD


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