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Soto Starlight

Kampong Style Aromatic Chicken Soup


1 x Soto Starlight paste

2 to 2.5 litres water

450g to 600g Chicken meat

2 pcs Leeks, thinly sliced

2 pcs Kaffir lime leaves, torn

2 pcs Lemongrass, bruised

450-800g Bee hoon / Tung hoon, cooked

4 Hard boiled eggs

4 Wedges of lime


* Optional

2 pcs Daun Salam (Indonesia Bay Leaves)

Local parsley / Spring onion / Crispy garlic / Crispy onion (as garnish)

Bergedil & Tempeh



  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil

  2. Add Leeks, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lemongrass and Duan Salam* into the boiling water.

  3. Add Soto Starlight paste and chicken into the pot, cook in the broth for 20-25 mins or till it’s cooked.

  4. Remove chicken to cool before shredding.

  5. Season with salt, sugar & pepper to your liking. If you prefer a light broth, please add more water.

  6. Soup can be serve with bee hoon, Tung hoon, noodles or rice with a topping of shredded chicken, egg, lime, bergedil* and tempeh*. Garnish with crispy garlic/onion*, spring onion* and local parsley*.

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