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PasirPanjangBoy is made up of Singaporean celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist duo – Tinoq and Dylan. Their culinary journey follows Tinoq’s childhood in Pasir Panjang – one of the “kampong” neighbourhoods in olden Singapore back in 1960s.


Over the last 20 years, Tinoq’s extensive clientele in the beauty and fashion industry were the envy of many where he would fete them with his home cooking during makeovers and photography shoots. This led to him starting his home based catering under his moniker/alias ‘PASIRPANJANGBOY’ as demands starting pouring in for parties and festive occasions.


In 2018, Tinoq with his partner & sous chef, Dylan decided that it was time to offer an experiential dining concept ‘1 Catty n a Pinch’ in their new apartment in the old Tiong Bahru estate. This would allow them to host dinners for maximum of 10 people in their carefully curated, vintage dining room. They would strive to recreate dishes from guests’ memories that evokes an ‘makan’ at home experience. Visitors will also be taken for a tour of the garden pre- or post-dinner, with theirs detailed explanation about the various species of plants and herbs they have cultivated.


PASIRPANJANGBOY has successfully collaborated with global corporations such as Bosch Home Appliances, Tiffany and Grand Hyatt HK to showcase and build awareness of South East Asian cooking through paired dining experiences and food demonstrations.


Another scope of services offered is food consultancy projects with dining establishments including menu creation, market research, restaurant and kitchen design layout, sourcing of ingredients and more.


Both Tinoq and Dylan also supportive of charity causes close to their hearts and have partnered with several organizations through collaboration and food supply.

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About the Chefs

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A veteran and highly sought-after make-up artist and stylist, Tinoq Russell Goh’s first love was surprisingly neither fashion nor beauty, but food. Growing up in a close-knit ‘kampong’ (village) in Pasir Panjang, Tinoq’s first introduction to food came from his family’s kitchen where he was drawn to the joy of cooking for others.

That initial curiosity for cooking led him to hone his culinary skills at the hands of excellent home cooks such as his mother, neighbours, and even pushcart hawkers that lined the small cinema opposite his home. The multi-racial community in his kampong – a microcosm of the wider Singapore itself – is reflected in the style of home fare that

Tinoq serves at his private home dining experience.

Tinoq cooks with heart and soul; evident in his hearty multi-racial specialities such as aromatic butterfly pea flower coconut rice and ngor hiang with especially piquant homemade chili cuca (vinegary chilli sauce) – and even foraging the aromatic herbs from his personal edible garden as a nod to his village roots. His diner has proven so popular in the recent years, that chefs, socialites and foodies alike flock to Tinoq’s flat for his take on old-school kampong-style food.

Tinoq hopes to revitalise how we approach our meals with his flavourful dishes imbued with a genuine belief that cooking is a celebration of life. A homely and hearty meal is the perfect balm to heal one’s spirit.

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Dylan’s love affair with food started early as his family comes from a farming background. It is here that he has learned to respect ingredients and how to use it in cooking. Dylan understands plants and how it is grown – from seeding to sprouts and everything in between.

While cooking is important, to him respecting and understanding what mother nature has blessed us with should not be taken for granted. Eating has become a lesson in letting the ingredients speak for itself, Dylan is a strong advocate when it comes to fuss-free cooking. First and foremost, he believes that the produce and preparation plays an integral role when it comes to preparing dishes. He lives by this adage is “food should always be served for its freshness and over cooking it will destroy not only the taste but its health properties”. At the tender age of 20, Dylan made trips to Japan learn more about ingredients and cooking techniques.

Together with Tinoq, the pair has delved into other culinary aspects such as environment and the role it plays on produce. With each ingredient they come across, the meticulously research its origins. Dylan’s love for vegetarian food has been the perfect foil to Tinoq’s hearty cooking.

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