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Caviar's Winter Degustation: A Tapestry of Taste at Singapore’s Culinary Gem

Nestled within the bustling heart of Orchard Road lies Caviar, a bastion of culinary innovation, now unveiling an exquisite Winter Degustation Menu that is nothing less than a sojourn through the zenith of gastronomy. This is where refined elegance and the celebration of Lunar New Year converge in a symphony of flavors.

The Prelude: Alaskan Majesty

We begin with a dish that sails from the icy Alaskan waters to the tropics: the ALASKAN KING CRAB. Here, the crab's inherent sweetness is enlivened by the texture of crisp Jicama and the novel burst of Ume encapsulated gel. A cloud of Vermouth Foam and the sea's whisper in roasted seaweed tuile, crowned with the regal Magnum Opus Osciétra, sets the stage for a meal that promises to be as theatrical as it is delectable.

Ocean's Embrace: Bluefin’s Ballet

The second act, BLUEFIN NOTEN, presents a magnum opus of the sea's flavors. The Bluefin, kissed by binchotan's smoky breath, is paired with a vivacious Salsa Verde, with a velvety Chorizo Cream adding a layer of sumptuous decadence. The Padron Espuma offers a subtle nod to the heat of distant lands, a perfect foil to the tuna's buttery tenderness.

Indulgent Whispers: Foie Gras Fantasia

No narrative of indulgence is complete without FOIE GRAS, a course that sings of opulence. The richness of the liver is counterpointed by the sweetness of Quince & Fig Gel, while the Smoked Onion Puree lays a foundation of depth and complexity. The Dashi Onion Broth swaddles the dish in a comforting umami embrace, while a sprinkle of caviar offers an optional flourish of grandeur.

Sylvan Elegance: Challans Duck

The CHALLANS DUCK, a dish with a lineage of nobility, is reimagined by Caviar with a contemporary twist. White Beetroot Tart and Beetroot Chutney provide a canvas of sweet earthiness, while optional Winter White Truffle infuses the dish with woodland aristocracy, all enrobed in a rich Duck Jus.

Intermezzo: Lychee Pu’er Sorbet

As a palate refresher, the LYCHEE PU’ER SORBET | KONNYAKU JELLY serves as an intermezzo, a delicate prelude to the sweet denouement, cleansing the senses with its fragrant subtlety.

Dénouement: Pistachio Cheese Tart

The finale, a PISTACHIO CHEESE TART, is a baroque composition of textures and tastes. The nutty serenade of Pistachio Praline in Filo pastry interlaces with the citrus overtures of Mandarin Orange Compote. A velvety Orange sorbet and carrot crisps provide a counterpoint, culminating in a grand crescendo with the luxurious Panchenko Persicus caviar, a fitting end to an unforgettable dining odyssey.

Lunar Luxury: Caviar Pineapple Tarts

As the lunar calendar heralds the Year of the Dragon, Caviar pays homage with its Pineapple Tarts, a fusion of tradition and lavishness. Each tart, a mosaic of Sarawak Honey Pineapples, is crowned with the world's most exquisite caviar, presenting a gift that is as opulent as it is heartfelt. This Lunar New Year, the act of giving is elevated to an art form, with each set promising joy and a taste of the extraordinary.

Caviar invites you to embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional fine dining. This Winter Degustation Menu is not just a meal; it’s a celebration of the art of cooking, a testament to the beauty of seasonal ingredients, and a homage to the culinary traditions that shape our world. Join us at Caviar, and let your senses revel in this unparalleled gastronomic escapade.

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