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Get Your Eyes Ready for Their Closeup with Dr. Barbara’s New Super Anti-Aging Eye Serum ✨

Dr. Barbara Sturm is back at it again with a groundbreaking new eye serum! 👏 Our fave anti-aging doc is always innovating, and her latest creation is about to seriously upgrade your eye care routine.

This lightweight, cutting edge formula builds on the results of Dr. B’s cult-fave Super Anti-Aging line. After perfecting her acclaimed anti-aging skincare range, Dr. Sturm's research revealed a need for an advanced eye serum to target concerns like dark circles, puffiness and crow's feet.

Apply just 1-2 drops of this potent serum around eyes daily, and smooth gently with ring finger. The applicator makes it easy to control dosage and massage into delicate skin.

While many eye serums focus on hydration alone, this one combines clinically proven ingredients to brighten, smooth and de-puff for complete renewal:

🌸 Polysaccharides - Brighten dark undereye circles

🪴 Calanthe Extract - Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

🦪 Red Algae - Depuff, hydrate and protect

The best part? You can layer the eye serum under other treatments like your fave eye cream or makeup. Dr. B says using both serum and cream gives your eyes the most anti-aging benefits!

In consumer trials, the serum reduced undereye wrinkles by 47% in just 4 weeks. Yes, you read that right - 47%! 🤯 Consider me sold.

Overall, this new eye serum proves Dr. Sturm always has visionary skincare on the horizon. My eyes feel fresh, renewed and ready for a closeup!

Have you tried Dr. B’s Super Anti-Aging Eye Serum yet? Share your thoughts below!

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