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Pop Goes Juliet! Singapore Gets Ready to Rock Shakespeare!

Hold onto your theatre masks and popcorn, Singapore! Broadway's latest darling, & JULIET, is sashaying its way to our shores. And guess what? We're its ONLY stop in Asia! 🌏✨ (Yeah, you can do the happy dance now.)

Now, if the name & JULIET sounds familiar, it's probably because you've heard the raves about it flipping the classic Romeo & Juliet on its head. Produced by Michael Cassel Group in association with MTM/Leyline and presented by Base Entertainment Asia, this musical asks: "What if Juliet didn't end it all for Romeo?" Add in a sprinkle of self-discovery, a dash of empowerment, and a whole lotta love - this isn't the Juliet you remember from English class.

Credit - Daniel Boud

But wait, there's more! This isn't just any musical, it's a pop-tastic ride with some of the most iconic bops from the last three decades, thanks to the genius of Max Martin. You'll be humming “Baby One More Time,” “Roar,” and “Since U Been Gone” for days. Plus, Martin's thrown in a brand-new song, just for the show! 🎤🎵

The musical has been hailed as “THE MOST FUN YOU’LL HAVE ON BROADWAY!” by Variety. And trust me, they ain't lying. It’s the Shakespeare remix we never knew we needed but can't live without now.

Credit - Daniel Boud

Michael Cassel, the play's Australian Producer, promises the biggest party in the city. “We’ve seen Singaporeans love a good night out, and & JULIET is going to be THE night to remember. We’re talking decades of Max Martin hits, a fresh take on a classic love story - we can’t wait to party with you, Singapore!”

A sentiment echoed by Chantal Prudhomme, CEO of Base Entertainment Asia, who urges everyone to grab their tickets pronto. “It’s a story so relevant today, packed with wit and humor. Plus, with Max Martin’s iconic tunes, it’s not just for theatre buffs. It’s for everyone who wants an unforgettable night out.”

Credit - Daniel Boud

And if history’s anything to go by, & JULIET has been slaying stages everywhere. After its world premiere in 2019, it went on to wow the West End, breaking box office records in Toronto and Broadway. Its stint in Melbourne earlier this year? Sold out shows and ecstatic fans. Singapore, they are here!

Before I go, a shout-out to the mega-talented team behind the scenes: David West Read (Book), Luke Sheppard (Direction), Jennifer Weber (Choreography), and others who’ve breathed life into this modern twist on a classic. Kudos! 👏

Grab your friends, your loved ones, heck, grab that random uncle who thinks musicals aren't his thing. He'll be dancing in the aisles by intermission, trust me!

Tickets are on sale NOW! Don't miss out, because the party is here, and Juliet is leading the conga line!

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